The Teachers - Patricia and Robert Dodgson

Patricia and Robert have been teaching together for over 9 years. They have successfully taught over 500 students the basics of ballroom and Latin dancing.

In November 2009 Patricia and Robert raised over $12,000 for the Stratford General Hospital at their fourth annual Dance-A-Thon.

In 2007 they raised over $11,000 making the total for Stratford over $23,000.

In 2006 and 2008 they have raised over $19,000 for the Children's Hospital of Western Ontario in London.

Patricia and Robert are available for demonstrations.


Patricia first got involved with dancing at age six when she began dancing ballet and competed in several festivals in her native country of England. Then at the age of 8, Patricia began dancing ballroom with her brother Frank and competing in the amateur juvenile division. They had very successful amateur careers winning many competitions and awards highlighted by an All-England Junior Championship and a British Junior Championship. They then went on to compete as members of the British Youth Team in competitions across Europe.


Robert started dancing when he was seven at his parents' dance club. He learned foxtrot, waltz, square dancing and special dances like the French Minuet and Gay Gordons. While living in Toronto Robert joined a dance studio where he competed in and won several competitions. Robert enrolled in a Ballroom teaching course to enhance his dancing and teaching ability. In 1992 Robert started teaching ballroom in Owen Sound until he met Patricia in London in 1998

In 2015 Patricia and Robert will be celebrating their fifteenth anniversary teaching together in Stratford and London!

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