Our Classes

« We offer both group and private lessons »

Our classes are designed for couples that lead busy lives. In our beginner class we teach the social foxtrot, swing and waltz so you will feel more comfortable on the social dance floor. Every week we will review and build upon your repertoire with new steps and techniques to help improve your dancing abilities.

The next session we introduce a different dance and more steps on the dances you already know. We will also review the steps from the previous session. The classes will not have any more than twelve couples at a time and both Patricia and Robert will teach the class together.

Group sessions

  • are one hour long and
  • run for eight weeks

Private lessons

  • in a private session you can learn whatever you like
  • Scheduling and pricing are negotiated based on the needs and objectives of students

Also Specializing In

  • Bride and Groom 1st Dances

Please contact us to find out more!

Contact us at ballroombreeze@gmail.com or 519.421.7234
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